Fine Hair Clip that made for women with shoulder length, thin or fine type pf hair, Decorative Hair combs that won't slide out,Emerald Color

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Color of the base depends on your hair color: Black

Size: Average or Thick

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Fancy hair clip for fine hair, this hair clip made for women with shoulder length, thin or fine texture. If you think your hair is too fine or too short and combs will slide out, these combs it will not as long as you interlock two combs together under your French twist or bun. The combs for fine hair are not as wide as for thick hair, so you do not need to have a lot of hair to fill it in between beads and base of the clip. The crystals in this comb are Champagne color. Fancy Combs is one of the most exciting hair accessories on the market. Affordable and easy to use and style with these combs. The double-locking of the combs can secure your hair throughout the day. Capable of holding any type of the hair, from thin to thick, from short or long. The product is handmade with rubber double combs, durable elastic, silver and gold plated beads along with sparkling crystals. The beads catch the light nicely at the turn of your head. The combination of the metals and beads will create a gorgeous look for your hair. These combs are elegant for weddings while versatile enough for a workday. These are perfect for those "Bad Hair Days!" Whether that means the office or the grocery store. These combs are wonderful for even a run or trip to the gym. Elastics can (and do) break the hair, or cause headaches. My Fancy Combs are soft and durable enough to sleep on or to set your head in a car, while gentle on hair. These Combs will give you a sense of style and also hold your hair all day. A versatile accessory for any type of hair. Works great in any hair type from thick to thin hair, long or short. Fancy Combs will not cause headaches or break your hair. Made with two Combs, Strong Elastic, Silver, Silver Plated, Czech crystals, and Swarovski Elements. DIMENSIONS: The best hair accessory for any occasion, especially for wedding parties. Size of the comb 4”x3” 100% Handmade in the USA. Please Follow US on Facebook and Instagram. HOW TO USE FANCY COMBS VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: Please Follow US on Facebook and Instagram. Check out below links to view related products: --------------------------------------------------------------- Infinity Hair Comb Wooden Comb Average Type of hair